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Sunday, 10 June 2018

New Arrivals For June:

Sorry for so long delay between posts, we have just been super busy . As with all months, June has seen some unique new arrivals to the shop. So I'll take this opportunity to highlight some of our new favorites.  Its all about earrings right now, here are some of our new faves.

Unicorns, Pegasuses and horses are still so very much in and these whimsical clip on earrings from the late 40s - 50's tick all the cutesy boxes.

Vintage 40's Horse/Foal Clip On Earrings.

These lovely whimsical horse clip on earrings are from the late 1940's - 50's.
They are truly little cuties, clip on earrings so can be worn by anyone.

Sometimes everyone just loves showing off and  these lovely and very stylish drop tassel drop earrings by Swarovski tick all those boxes, dating from the late 70's - 80's, a lot of jewellery is sold as by Swarovski which only contains their crystals, Swarovski manufactured jewellery is extremely well made and is a designer brand well worth collecting.

Vintage Blue Crystal Tassel Rope Chain Drop Clip On Earrings By Swarovski.

These earrings have the swan stamp to the back dating them to before 1987.  As well as stunning emerald cut blue crystals, they have the so in vogue at the moment tassel drops.

These abstractly designed earrings by Trifari, make me think of discovered shells at with the children at the sea side and beach holidays in general.

Formed from polished and textured gold tone metal, they are stamped with the crown symbol and Trifari to the backs and make a statement without being too overpowering.

These were just a few of the earrings that have been recently added to the shop, please feel free to stop by and have a browse through some of the other designs available in our vintage earrings selection.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

New Arrivals For February.

As with all months, February has seen some unique new arrivals to the shop. So I'll take this opportunity to highlight some of our new favorites.

This lovely bracelet is fashioned from a chunky textured gold tone curb chain and is set with a charm of two lovers meeting on a bench, with a red rhinestone heart next to them. The charm is removable. Its such a lovely love and friendship themed bracelet, it really puts me in the mood for Valentines day.

Enamel and especially cloisonne enamel jewellery are some of my favourite pieces of jewellery, the art of cloisonne enameling dates back well over a thousand years so how could I not mention these.

Formed from cloisonne enamel, these vibrant daisy flower and bamboo earrings really are just stunning. Dating from the 1950's, with a screw back closure,  they can be worn by anyone.

Again biased, but I love frogs and these designer earrings by Mimi Di N tick every box for me.

I say biased they are actually an amazing pair of earrings by this collectable designer. Stunning attention to detail and just super cute at the same time.  Mimi Di N pieces or ( Princess Mimi Di Niscemi ) are super collectable, gracing the covers of vogue and Harpers magazines in the 60's and 70's.

These were just a small section of our new arrivals, be sure to check out our website for vintage earrings, vintage brooches and vintage bracelets.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Damascene And Damascene Style Jewellery.

A lot of jewellery is sold and advertised as damascene which is not actually damascene, hopefully we will clear up a few misconceptions here.

Firstly what actually is damascene?
If we use the standard typical and correct Wikipedia response,  Damascening is the art of inlaying different metals into one another—typically, gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background—to produce intricate patterns similar to niello. The English term comes from a perceived resemblance to the rich tapestry patterns of damask silk.

Damascene style jewellery is old, its evolution can be traced back to Damascus, hence the term ' Damascene ' The manufacture of damascene jewellery in recent history is focused in Japan and Spain and is still manufactured there to this date.

Things to note about genuine damascene
The back ground is always very dark, its formed from oxidized , bronze, steel or iron.
In true damascene the designs are etched and silver or gold foil is layered onto the designs. ( Usually 18k or 24K or high quality silver )
Faux Damascene is usually enamel coated for the darkened colours
Faux damascene usually has raised designs with a white colour wash.

Terms For The Buyer To Note:

Toledo Damascene
Whilst Toledo in Spain is actually a manufacturing hub for the production of damascene jewellery, Toledo damascene is often used as a byword for faux damascene. ( If you are after genuine damascene, be careful, ask questions any genuine seller will be more than happy top answer them )

Damascene style.
Does whats it says on the tin, so to speak. Its jewellery often made from where damascene jewellery originates but its not ' genuine or true damascene ' Its a great alternative and very cost effective for those just after the style ( We stock both, true damascene and damascene style jewellery, our faux damascene pieces are described as damascene style or faux damascene. )

Spanish Damascene:
Again this term sums up the product, its damascene jewellery manufactured in Spain.

Amita/ Shakudo Damascene:
It should possibly be referred to as Shakudo damascene, but its usually not. A popular manufacturer in Japan in the 19th century  led to this term been widely accepted in the western world. Both terms are commonly accepted.  The designs usually feature fans, mountains and Japanese style themes.

To help you out there is nothing better than seeing products before you so here are some examples.

This brooch is formed from faux damascene, set with faux pearls. Notice the raised white areas, its still a very pretty brooch, but its not damascene.

This brooch is genuine damascene in a Japanese Shakudo design, featuring a stork or crane bird, ( The crane was a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Asia )

Again Faux Damascene set with pearl and again the white raised detailing is prevalent.

Hope this advice helps, we will hopefully publish some more examples up soon.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Winter Jewellery Inspirations.

It seems like only the other day I was talking about autumn/fall themed jewellery and here we are with winter at our door already.  Time really does fly! 
Chandelier earrings are currently trending on many fashion runways and ones set with clear rhinestones, have a crisp, clean wintery vibe about them

These vintage earrings are set with a large rhinestone, leading to three symmetrical drops.  The drops are articulated catch the light beautifully as they move.  The earrings have clip on backs so can be worn by anyone.

Although winter is often associated with stark dark colours, bold reds, rich greens and golds.  Icy blues really make me think of the crunch of crisp frost underfoot on an early winters morning.

Both the shape and colouring of this brooch have a wintery feel.  Pale blue rhinestones are set in silver tone metal with light grey tear drop shaped lucite cabochons.

Chunky statement jewellery is back, in a big way! One thing the 50's had was serious bling.  Its a great era to currently select pieces from as not only will you have a piece that is currently on trend there less chance of someone owning the same piece. 

This chunky, expanding Empire made bracelet is set with large faux pearls  along its entire length.  Its a fun piece with a christmasy feel to it, the pearls really remind me of mistletoe berries.

Not one for cooler colours, then embrace the warmer red tones associated with winter/Christmas.

These vintage raised red seed bead cluster earrings have a very Christmasy feel.  The spiky design of the gold caps containing the seed beads give the earrings a Holly leaf and berry vibe.

More winter themed jewellery can be viewed on our dedicated Pinterest board.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Traditional Scottish Style Modern Jewellery Examples.

I have seen the following pieces been described as vintage, whilst very beautiful and desirable pieces they are not vintage. Both brooches are formed in a traditional Scottish style from polished pewter with a palladium coating.

 The palladium plating applied to the finished brooches makes them less likely to tarnish over time.  This brooch is formed in the traditional Scottish design of a Luckenbooth.  This one is formed from two hearts making it ideal to exchange between lovers.

Both brooch examples are made by Art Pewter Silver Ltd.  The above Luckenbooth brooch is signed DB Scotland to the back. However, not all their pieces are signed.  The company itself was established in 1968 by Hamish Dawson-Bowman so some designs that you will come across will indeed be vintage.

 This is an unsigned piece by Art Pewter Silver Ltd, it is known as the Machair thistle brooch.  It's design is inspired by the rare Machair habitats found in Scotland where wild thistles and heather grow.

The brooches themselves are high quality, the Machair thistle brooch is set with amethyst tinted crystal rhinestones.
All jewellery by Art Pewter Silver Ltd is produced by craftsmen in Scotland so they are great buys if you wish for some traditional styled high quality authentic Scottish Jewellery.
 Don't forget to check out the wide range of Scottish themed jewellery available in the Scottish And Celtic Jewellery section of our shop.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Halloween Jewellery Treats.

Our favourite holiday of the year, Halloween is on its way so ' treat ' yourself to a some spooky bling and check out some of the superstitions and beliefs of these Halloween symbols.

 These black cat and crescent moon earrings are formed from cloisonne enamel and are also available in red.

Whilst in America and parts of Europe black cats are believed to be unlucky,  in the UK the opposite applies,  black cats are believed to be lucky and one appearing at your doorstop was a sign of impending prosperity. Whilst in Japan black cats are associated with being lucky in love. ( Note to self buy 10 black cats ).


This antique Victorian brooch, is hand carved from a piece of Whitby Jet, an unusual antique spooky talking point.

In the Victorian era mourning jewellery was often worn to mark the passing of a loved one, popularized by queen Victoria after the death of her beloved Albert, Jet became the only accepted court jewellery.  Some of the mourning style pieces have concealed sections contains a lock of the departed's  hair.

This spider web ring complete with dangling spider would make a quirky and fun accessory to a Halloween outfit. 

Nowadays spiders get a pretty unfair deal when it comes to Halloween, being seen as some sort of spooky witches helper.  In medieval times if you saw a spider on Halloween it was actually believed to be the soul of a loved  one watching over you, prior to this they were believed to be fore tellers of prosperity and it was bad luck to kill one.

This wide chunky skull and cross bone bangle would make a great addition to any pirates haul of treasure. 

The skull and cross bone symbol whilst perhaps most commonly associated with pirates, dates back to the late middle ages as a symbol of death. It's still commonly used today as a hazard symbol often used to denote poisonous chemicals.

Thanks for reading through and wishing you all a spooktacular Halloween.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Moody Blues Are In!

One of the colours creating a stir on catwalks for the Autumn/Fall 2017 season is blue, or rather moody blue. So cast out from your mind nautical, seaside and neon shades of blue and think more along the lines of Midnight, Cobalt and Oxford shades of blue.
A great way to be on trend yet still set your own is to combine vintage and modern to create your own unique look. We have included a few of our favourite pieces from our website in the hopes of inspiring you.

This stunning vintage chunky sterling silver and lapis lazuli gemstone bracelet, combines shades of blue silver and gold creating a bold look. 

The deep blue hues that the gem stone Lapiz lazuli is formed from has been prized for thousands of years, it was once powdered to form the most expensive paint pigment ultramarine.

Although not vintage this 14ct gold and cobalt blue foiled glass necklace, combines one of the other ongoing trends, pearls! The mixture of the pearls and cobalt blue glass helps soften the overall look of the necklace.

Pearls are always a great addition to any jewellery box, classic and timeless they are easily incorporated with any outfitted. They never really go out of fashion.

This retro bracelet is formed from enamel bonded to copper in a crazy/fun flower design dating from the 1960's -  70's.

This vintage, enamel, flower bracelet mixes moody blues with lighter blue shades, forming a vibrant fun bracelet oozing classic retro vibes.

Cloisonne enamel makes up the design of  this lovely brooch, dating from the 1980's.

Another enamel piece but this one is cloisonne enamel forming a large, eye catching vintage butterfly and flower raised design brooch.

We hope we've managed to inspire a few ideas, if moody blues aren't quite for you as you love blue in all of its shades then check out our blue jewellery pinterest page dedicated to blue jewellery of any shade Blue jewellery