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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

And The Other New Pieces This Week

As I mentioned in my last post I was unable to include all the new additions for the week to our online shop KCAVintagems in one post, it would have been too long.  So here are the rest of the jewellery pieces that didn't make it to the last post.

Some really nice vintage necklaces were added, including two vintage Scottish style murano bead necklaces, very current with the Scottish referendum about to commence.  The Scottish murano bead necklaces are beads designed to look like the rare Scottish agates that used to be utilised in Scottish jewellery,  they are so rare now, that even in Scottish themed jewellery that contains real agate its extremely unusual for the agate to have originated from Scotland.

This one contains a mix of square and oval beads, separated by gold spacer seed beads, and is really pretty
Vintage Scottish Murano Bead Necklace

This Scottish Murano bead necklace is a little longer than the first one it contains only square beads with gold spacer beads and bead caps
Square Scottish Murano Bead Necklace

Our Scottish themed jewellery collection like our animal jewellery collection is really expanding it too now has its own dedicated Scottish and Celtic Style Jewellery page and is too updated regularly.

I just love this vintage blue glass bead necklace that I also added, the beads are in a graduated size scale, with and adjustable length hook clasp.  Its lovely and bright and the beads have an lapis lazuli look to them.
Vintage Graduated Blue Glass Bead Necklace

Jet style necklaces are so very stylish,  and this hand knotted vintage french jet necklace added this week is just lovely
Vintage Hand Knotted French Jet Necklace

Real Whitby jet jewellery became amazingly popular during Victorian times as Queen Victoria wore it as part of her mourning jewellery and it took off as the height of fashion. Unfortunately Jet is fairly rare, the price reflects this and not everyone could get their hands on it. It can also be fairly difficult to manipulate as its quite soft.  So French jet was born, its origins were in France ( Hence the term French Jet ) though its quickly became manufactured in other countries, its still known as French jet.  French jet is in its simplest terms polished black glass, as true jet holds a high polish, it was the perfect modestly priced imitation.

A lovely pair of vintage cloisonne earrings also made their way into the shop this week,  they have lovely white flower detailing.  I would love to say what these flowers are but I am oscillating between white roses or tulips,  of course neither may be right as my botany skills are not up to par.  If any one knows for sure I would be grateful to know, any way they are lovely even though they remain a mystery flower to me.
Vintage White Flower Drop Cloisonne Earrings.

Also added this week was a lovely vintage pink and clear rhinestone brooch, it has a lovely layered rhinestone design.  A lovely vintage piece of jewellery
Vintage Pink And Clear Rhinestone Brooch

And last but not least I added a Carnelian stone stretch bracelet, its not vintage and its tones are browner than what most people would associate with carnelian stones but most carnelian today is actually dyed to achieve those darker oranges and reds.  Its still a lovely bracelet and at only £2.99 its actually quite a steal.
Carnelian Stone Stretch Bracelet

Well that was most of the jewellery pieces added to the shop this week, as you can see it was a really busy week.  I am hoping to add a few factual exploration of some jewellery styles and meanings to the blog next week, but sometimes, well all the time, time to myself is a luxury, last week worked, fingers crossed for this week.

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