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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Autumn Fall Jewellery

Each time I go out now,  I'm noticing patches of fallen leaves scattered sparsely upon the floor. There's definitely no denying it, Autumn/Fall is on its way.  Whilst I will miss Summer,  Autumn is actually my favourite season. I love the way the nights slowly lengthen and the feelings of cosyness I get from being wrapped up warm inside on colder days.  But my absolute favourite thing about Autumn is the colour.

This vintage brooch by British designer Miracle is reminiscent of the vibrant colours on display in Autumn.

For a few short weeks in Autumn the  natural world treats us to one last explosion of colour before winter arrives and the leaves fall away.  If you want to accessorize to compliment the season you could try reflecting some of the vibrant colours around you.

 This foiled glass bangle showcases some of the richness of colour seen during Autumn.

If you wish to go further than just wearing autumnal colours you can incorporate some leaves or even berry style pieces to your jewellery box.

This elegant brooch by designer Sarah Coventry features autumn colours from its central smoky topaz coloured rhinestone bordered by textured leaves.

  More jewellery inspired by Autumn is available on our Autumn dedicated pinterest board.

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