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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Traditional Scottish Style Modern Jewellery Examples.

I have seen the following pieces been described as vintage, whilst very beautiful and desirable pieces they are not vintage. Both brooches are formed in a traditional Scottish style from polished pewter with a palladium coating.

 The palladium plating applied to the finished brooches makes them less likely to tarnish over time.  This brooch is formed in the traditional Scottish design of a Luckenbooth.  This one is formed from two hearts making it ideal to exchange between lovers.

Both brooch examples are made by Art Pewter Silver Ltd.  The above Luckenbooth brooch is signed DB Scotland to the back. However, not all their pieces are signed.  The company itself was established in 1968 by Hamish Dawson-Bowman so some designs that you will come across will indeed be vintage.

 This is an unsigned piece by Art Pewter Silver Ltd, it is known as the Machair thistle brooch.  It's design is inspired by the rare Machair habitats found in Scotland where wild thistles and heather grow.

The brooches themselves are high quality, the Machair thistle brooch is set with amethyst tinted crystal rhinestones.
All jewellery by Art Pewter Silver Ltd is produced by craftsmen in Scotland so they are great buys if you wish for some traditional styled high quality authentic Scottish Jewellery.
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