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Sunday, 28 September 2014

This Weeks New Arrivals To KCA Vintage Gems

We had some lovely new arrivals in the shop this week,  this lovely cloisonne brooch by Fish and Crown in purpley/blue was one of the brooches added.  I know the brooch comes in either blue flowers or red,  it is a modern brooch,  that I have often seen described as vintage whilst it is beautifully made its certainly not old.  The flowers depicted on the brooch are violets.  Fish and crown is a manufacturer of cloisonne and sterling silver jewellery, they began production in the 1980's so some of their earlier items  are indeed vintage.  Interestingly whilst commonly known as Fish and Crown jewellery, ( the backs are marked with a fish, two fish or a crown and a fish ) the brand itself appears to be specifically named Fine enamels owned by an American Company Fish enterprises.  Their enamel work is strikingly beautiful often featuring floral designs.
Fish And Crown Enamel Floral Blue Brooch

Another lovely cloisonne brooch was also added to the shop this week,  although unsigned it appears to be a smaller version of a floral brooch by Sea Gems.  Sea Gems is a British enamel and silver jewellery designers based in Cornwall,  they too began in the early 1980's so some of their earlier designs are classed as vintage too.
Floral cloisonne Enamel Oval Brooch

Some lovely items from the Miracle jewellery company were also added, including this lovely Celtic style Ribbon brooch and pendant set.  Set with lovely blue art glass.
Vintage Miracle Celtic Ribbon Set

Another Miracle jewellery piece was also added this week, a lovely faux tortoiseshell brooch in an art nouveau design.  The brooch has a link to the back so that it can be adapted and worn as a pendant.
Vintage large faux tortoiseshell brooch by Miracle

Fans of animal jewellery will love this Noah's Ark brooch with animals approaching the ark and already inside,  its designed in silver tone metal.. I have seen this design both in sterling silver and pewter, this one is unsigned but so kitsch.
Vintage Noah's Ark Brooch

Also added to the shop this week was this vintage triple stranded twist necklace, its very reminiscent of sphinx designs but is unsigned.  The necklace is designed in gold tone metal with two of the strands being cobra chains and one being a serpentine chain, twisted together creating a striking  necklace.
Vintage Twisted Three Strand Necklace

These were just a few of the new pieces that I added to the shop this week, I am hoping to spend a little time this week researching some of the more obscure companies that I have not being able to find out much about.  Fingers crossed it proves to be a productive week.

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