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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

This weeks new additions to KCA Vintage Gems

Its being a week of misty mornings and even though the temperatures are still high for the time of year here, there is definitely a touch of Autumn in the air, Halloween will be here before I even know it, for some reason that holiday always sneaks up so quickly on me. I never feel fully prepared, its just always feels rushed.  Anyway in honour of one of my favourite holidays some lovely Gothic style jewellery was added to the shop
I particularly love this Gothic black heart cameo pendant and necklace,  This would be great accessory when you want to goth up, or even to wear on Halloween itself.
Large Black Heart Cameo Necklace

A lovely vintage black paisley floral brooch was also added to the shop, its really beautiful and does have a Gothic vibe to it.  Paisley in clothes and jewellery became so popular in the 1960's, it also had a revival in the 80's.  I actually really love paisley patterns and will not be surprised when it becomes the ' must have ' again.
Vintage Black Floral Paisley Brooch

I love some the rhinestone/paste jewellery from the 40's, they took so much more care in polishing and setting their stones than we seem to do with the modern mass produced jewellery today. So I was really pleased to add this stunning vintage floral spray brooch to the shop.

Vintage Layered Floral Spray Brooch With Safety Chain

Continuing with the flower trend a lovely scarf clip manufactured By MASJ was also added to the shop.  I believe the design is of a honeysuckle flower, I'm not so knowledgeable when it comes to botany so if you think the design is another flower please let me know.  MASJ jewellery is manufactured in pewter, then a coating of silver is applied,  and is often referred to as their silver scenes range.  Their jewellery is beautifully detailed and carefully finished. The company MASJ was based in Wales and run by a husband and wife team Edward and Maureen Ann Story-Jones, this brooch/scarf clip would have been produced in the early 2000's.  The couple retired in 2005
Vintage Style Scarf Clip By MASJ

I love jewellery that makes me smile and this cute vintage  happy clown brooch that was added this week does just that
Vintage Happy Clown Brooch

Clowns in the rain or holding umbrellas are actually a commonly occurring image in jewellery.  Their popularity may be due to just an image of happiness in not the best of situations,  though some of the clowns don't appear to be happy at all.
Charlie Chaplin known as one of history's best comic actors/clowns was quoted as saying ' I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying '   So maybe that is where the more melancholy designs of clowns in the rain originate from.  Its certainly interesting as I have another vintage clown in the rain brooch, in the shop,  wearing an outfit remarkably similar to the images we associate with Charlie Chaplin from the movies.  I may research further into these brooches to see whether any designs are inspired by the iconic Charlie Chaplin.
Vintage Clown In The Rain Brooch

And lastly and unusually some new as in, not pre-owned or vintage items were added to the shop this week some lovely natural gemstone bracelets including a rose quartz tumbled gemstone bracelet
Rose Quartz Tumble stone Bracelet

A stunning Haematite chip mineral bracelet
Haematite Chip Bracelet

And a red jasper stone chip bracelet
Red Jasper Stone Chip Bracelet
I love natural stone jewellery, as well as the properties the individual stones are supposed to endow they just look simply stunning.
And on a final note our twitter competition to win a Sarah Coventry open work rose brooch closes tomorrow at midnight.  Good luck to all those who entered, if you haven't but would still like to here is the link

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