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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Who We Sell To: Questions And Answers.

Who do we sell to? 

This is a valid question:
Who do we actually sell to?
Well its an open shop we sell to everyone, that is the simple answer.
If your interested in vintage, dressing up for a themed night, vintage cos player, love vintage or really unique pieces of jewellery, we hope to be here for you.
Yes we have antique items, we have vintage designer items as well as  general vintage costume jewellery, as well as unusual striking modern items that catch our eye.

Where Do We Sell.

We sell world wide, in fact I'm not sure there is a country we have not sold to.

Have we sold any items that have been featured anywhere:  Well,  yes, as well as selling to the general public we sell to many UK theater companies, UK and worldwide movie production companies, designer fashion shoots etc.

We have recently sold items that have appeared on several Netflix series's as well as some UK produced TV shows and should appear on some films ' Exciting '. !!!

Customer Service 

This is really important to us, we are a dedicated but small business, and we do have to sleep at some point. Although we answer all emails , within 24 hours. Sometimes we are super busy.

Valuations Online Or Over The Phone.

No, this is not possible over the phone or even through email, even with photos or you telling me every aspect of a piece.  Why because I cant tell if something is set with precious stones, for example diamonds. There is no human being alive, who can tell genuinely, whether  a piece is genuine diamond set from a photo, as well as other precious gemstones.
If you live in Birmingham and wish for the best valuation for a vintage piece,  I would recommend visiting the jewellery quarter.

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