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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

New For September

As with all months, September has seen some unique new arrivals to the shop. So I'll take this opportunity to highlight some of our new favorites.  Its all about bracelets right now, here are some of our new faves.

 This lovely clear rhinestone set double row empire bangle dates from the 1950's.  These bracelets where fantastic in the day as they offered a stretch to fit all size by a hinged mechanical movement, rather than elastic or cord. So they stand the tests of time very well.  This one is signed Empire Made, and dates from the 50's.

Lets move on from the 50's to the swinging 60's.

This stunning balloon link bracelet dates from the 1960's - 70's,  Though its more likely 70's rather than 60's.
Why is it called  balloon link bracelet?  The panels of the bracelet are designed like open work paper lanterns/hot air balloons.  It really is a stunning piece and has to be one of our current shop favorites.

Are personal favorites a bad thing? I don't care I love this one.

Yes sometimes my bias will shine through, I totally adore this bangle, its two tone lucite with a faux wood effect.  It's so 1960's - 70's, if I had to sum up that period with one piece of jewellery, this would be it.

Well these are just a few of the new pieces added to the shop please click the link to check out more of our current bracelets and bangles

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